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Types of houses and their features that are taken into account in their design:

One-Story Cottages: These are single-story homes often preferred by families or people with disabilities. Single storey cottages usually offer a comfortable layout with separate bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom.
Multi-storey houses: This type of house includes multi-storey apartments and multi-storey buildings. The design of such houses takes into account the efficient use of space, security, as well as amenities for residents, such as elevators, parking and public areas.
Villas and Country Homes: Villas are luxury homes with spacious layouts, often located in the countryside. Villas are designed with attention to aesthetics, garden design and luxurious amenities such as swimming pools, saunas, etc.

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Each of the houses has its own unique features and design requirements to provide a comfortable and functional home for its occupants. Designing houses of different types is a complex and creative process that combines architectural, engineering, environmental and socio-cultural aspects.